The Sin and Folly of Depending On Future Time


In our day of 'getting things done', how delightful it is to scratch items off of a lengthy to-do list—and how defeating it can be to ignore that list! But as Jonathan Edwards is about to teach us, the worst kind of procrastination is putting off necessary spiritual things. For in this sermon, Edwards teaches us to number our days, and to avoid being lured into accepting the anesthetizing notion that the day of our death (or of our Lord's return) is not quite so imminent. He teaches us not to put off the performance of duties which bear eternal consequence, so that we might pursue trifling entertainment; or worse yet, that we might play with the sins we would otherwise shun and seek repentance for, if we did not have the assurance of another day.

Edwards, Jonathan. The Digital Puritan - Vol.III, No.3 . Digital Puritan Press. Kindle Edition.

Here is the 5th sermon in Volume III Book 3. I have narrated this before, but needed to do so again for the continuity of the Digital puritan Quarterly Series.

Narrated by Duane Linn

Oct 19, 2019
Proverbs 27:1
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