Clearing the Table Before Tomorrow's Radio Free Geneva


Since we are doing a major length Radio Free Geneva tomorrow, I needed to "clear the table" of the topics that have been piling up in my topics list. So we really covered the gamut, starting off with my thanks for having shared a great time with Skillet as they visited Phoenix last Friday. WE discussed the veneration of vaccines, the hubris of a Canadian judge in demanding that preachers include Big Brother's narrative in their sermons, and the hypocrisy of the ACLU. We noted the announced release of a new anti-Calvinism book from David Allen and Steve Lemke, and then we looked at a flyer advertising an upcoming event at the Metropolitan Tabernacle featuring Jeff Riddle promoting TR Onlyism. Finally we looked at a textual variant at John 9:38

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Duration 1:14:15
Date Oct 18, 2021
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