Dr. Mason's The Woke Church's Misrepresentation, Open Phones


Started off with a rebuttal of the misrepresentation published by Dr. Eric Mason in his new book (endorsed by many Reformed leaders) regarding yours truly and the May 11th meme I posted that insists that there is no room for “black spaces” or “white spaces” at the Lord’s Table, but only room for a singular focus upon Christ. This led to Mason calling for an “ecumenical council” to deal with “heretics” like…me. Then we went to the phones with all sorts of great calls on election, Israel, and one from Hasan about Mark 13:32 in reference to Islam. Covered a lot of ground! Hope it is helpful!

I forgot to mention that we have something exciting coming up next week! Yes indeed, yesterday a friend on Twitter posted a picture of a…Coogi shoe! Yes, a gloriously colorful shoe from Coogi. I promised to wear it and show it off on the DL if someone sent me a pair, so some folks made it happen and they are on the way! Get ready to turn down your monitor when I show off those babies! The really funny thing is that I recognized them as soon as I saw them because I had put them on my Amazon wishlist back in August, sort of on a lark, more to keep the link than anything else. I had forgotten that, but when I opened up my list there they were, sitting right above that item we all have on our wishlists that we know we will never get, but daydream about regularly (geek that I am, that item for me is a 12-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope!).

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Date Oct 18, 2018
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