The Desolation that Follows the Rejection of Christ

In his lamentation over Jerusalem in Matthew 23:37-39 Jesus announces that his desire from of old was to have gathered the people of Jerusalem and indeed all of Israel to him 'as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings' but that they were not willing. He goes on to announce that because of their unwillingness to accept Him as Lord and Savior all that remains now is destruction which would come upon them in a flood of death and destruction in 70 AD which just as He prophesised was within a generation of the prediction.

But this was not the first time the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of temple worship was foretold. The destruction that left Jerusalem desolate was also forseen by Daniel in the vision of the Seventy Weeks in Daniel 9:24-27.

What of you, will you reject Christ as Lord and Savior? On the Day of Judgment will you enter into the joy of your master, or face desolation and disaster?

NB: This sermon follows the interpretation of the seventy weeks followed by men like John Calvin and held by the church for almost 1800 years till the coming of modern dispensationalism.

Oct 15, 2006
Sunday - AM
Daniel 9:24-27
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