New Versions Are Vatican Versions (1 of 3)

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Part 1 of 3 of an almost 2 hour full length video documentary from bbfohio.com

This video documents the corruptions in new versions, the history of the two conflicting streams of Bible manuscripts and the admission of scholars and critics alike that the reason new translations contradict the King James Bible in thousands of readings is simply because: New Versions Are Vatican Versions.

Several segments of this video have been previously uploaded and viewed by tens of thousands of viewers. Now, the entire documentary is available in three parts.

Previously unreleased segments include dozens of additional documented quotes proving that new versions are Vatican versions, along with an answer to the ridiculous claim that, "The KJV is a Catholic version, too!" Also included are segments outlining the Vatican agenda to replace God's Bible with their own "Codex Vaticanus" as just one part of the Revelation 17 Whore's end game: complete global unification of all religions under Rome's headship.

You will also find information on how you can receive a copy, or multiple copies, in DVD format at that link.

Permission to copy and distribute this documentary in DVD format or in any other electronic storage format, including the embedding and/or sharing of these video links, are allowed and encouraged. We look forward to seeing the reward of our labor at the Judgment Seat of Christ and you can share in that reward by sharing this video message with all who will sit down and watch.

Time is short and Jesus is coming SOON!


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Date Oct 2, 2011
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