Can We Remain Friends With Those Who Apostatize?

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In the latest episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Drs. Josh Philpot and Richard Caldwell delve into the heart-wrenching reality of apostasy — witnessing loved ones depart from Christian faith, a journey fraught with eternal consequences. Drawing from Jude 17-23, they explore believers' responses, emphasizing mercy for doubters, urgent intervention for those on the verge, and cautious engagement with those who pose a spiritual threat. The discussion underscores the non-finality of apostasy until death, highlighting the delicate balance in maintaining connections for potential spiritual guidance, without compromising one's faith integrity. The conversation takes a profound turn, discussing how genuine concern transcends casual discourse, requiring a holy aversion to influences that undermine Christian doctrines. The discourse concludes with a reflection on navigating relationships with apostates, advocating for a stance that mirrors the church's discernment, prioritizing evangelization and spiritual well-being over social comfort.

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Duration 12:08
Date Oct 26, 2023
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