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These stories and more made up this edition of the Round-Up for the week:

--This Sunday (October 3rd) is Life Chain Sunday across America.(lifechain.net)

--President Biden answered reporters saying that after nearly two years of job killing and liberty squelching lock-downs, restrictions and mandates, Americans can look forward to a return to normal but only if nearly 100% of them submit themselves to the COVID vaccine.

--Pfizer's CEO said that COVID variants will likely continue to develop in the coming years and that for a return to normality the most likely scenario is annual re-vaccinations.

--The Wuhan Institute of Virology bought a PCR machine in November of 2019 to test coronaviruses. This is according to Chinese security data that was wiped from the web and later recovered by cyber-security experts.

--Moderna announced it's developing a combined single dose booster vaccine for COVID-19 and seasonal influenza.

--Hundreds of employees around the nation are standing firm in their decision to not get COVID-19 vaccinations despite the threat of losing their jobs.

--Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul was going to fire nurses and other state healthcare workers if they are not vaccinated. In an effort to coerce them even further, she said that she would even deny them unemployment benefits.

--Crowds of people protesting against COVID-19 vaccine mandates marched the streets of New York City on Monday, which was the governor's deadline for healthcare workers to receive the vaccine or face being fired from their jobs.

--New York Mayor DeBlasio has given a Friday deadline for school employees to get vaccinated.

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