Israel Update / National Coming Out Day


The broadcast began with an update on what's been taking place in Israel as it pertains to the ongoing war against the Hamas terrorist group. For example:

--At least 22 Americans and over 1,200 Israelis are dead.

--Israel is being attacked on a second front, this time from the north. So they are now being attacked from areas in Syria and Lebanon. Also, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt are condemning Israel for attacking Gaza.

--Fox News has reported that Israeli forces have launched rockets into southern Lebanon striking Hezbollah forces after that terror group fired anti-tank s across the border, initially hitting Israeli soldiers.

--American Military News is reporting that a leader and founding member of Hamas reportedly called for a global jihad, asking Muslims around the world to target the people of Israel on Friday, October 13th.

Concerning the main topic, Jim welcomed back Peter LaBarbera. Peter is a reporter for WND.com, he's a former reporter for the Washington Times and LifeSiteNews.com and a former contributing editor for Human Events. He's the founder and president of Americans for Truth.

One of the battles we have here in America is taking place in our schools over the LGBTQ+ agenda. One of their celebrations involves National Coming Out Day. Sadly, at least one school district is encouraging children as young as 5 to "come out of the closet."
Peter opened his remarks by communicating that he has hope because the Israel story is exposing the "left" for who they really are and what they believe. This means the liberal media will now be forced to see how LGBTQ+ ideology is being foisted on children.

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