1 & 2 Samuel
39 Sermons

1 & 2 Samuel: The Lord Looks on the Heart

First and Second Samuel tell the story of an important transitional period of God’s plan, centering on the judge/prophet Samuel and the two kings he anointed, Saul and David. In fact, 1–2 Samuel narrates three overlapping but distinct transitions in the leadership of Israel:

(1) a transition from failing priests to Samuel—who was a righteous judge/prophet and kingmaker, (2) a transition from no king to Saul—who was a king of the people’s initiative, and then 3) a rather slow transition from Saul to David—who was a king of God’s own choosing

However, a more important matter is what each transition teaches us about God.

As we shall see in 1–2 Samuel, God is showing not only his power, control, patience, salvation, and righteous judgment but also the fact that he often brings about his purposes in surprising, ironic, and seemingly upside–down ways.

39 Sermons