We continue to examine the author of Hebrews' discourse on the superior nature of the high priesthood of Jesus, which spans Hebrews 5:1 through 10:18. We are in the second half of the discourse where, beginning in chapter 8, the author introduces three ways that demonstrate Jesus's high priestly ministry is superior to the older order priesthood: 1) the true heavenly tabernacle in which Jesus ministers is greater than the earthly tabernacle, 2) the sacrifice of His own blood is greater than the blood of animals offered for atonement, and 3) the covenant that Jesus mediates is enacted on better promises than the old covenant. We expanded upon each of these points in three sermons wherein we considered: 1) greater worship of the heavenly tabernacle, from chapter 9:1-10, 2) the greater sacrifice of Jesus's own blood, from chapter 9:11-22, and 3) the greater covenant, from chapter 8:6-13.

In our text this week, we will again consider the greater covenant...