Steven Lee 11/1/23

We have embarked on a very special partnership that allows all active broadcasters on SermonAudio to enjoy an exclusive DISCOUNT with Samaritan Ministries -- a Biblical, affordable healthcare sharing solution for families of any size, worldwide. Essentially, the members of the Samaritan Ministries network take care of one another by sharing the burden of their medical bills. Ingenious!

Learn more about this partnership and activate this discount by speaking with a Samaritan specialist using the link below.

Through God's amazing providence, a discussion was started some months ago to seek ways whereby we could be a blessing to one another.

On November 1, 2023, Samaritan Ministries and SermonAudio agreed to take a step of faith by entering into an experimental partnership that will allow any active broadcaster to be eligible to receive a DISCOUNT on their monthly share commitment to Samaritan Ministries -- for no other reason than being on SermonAudio! And although the actual percentage may vary from year to year, a discount nevertheless will be applied in perpetuity for as long as the partnership is in effect. Blessings!

This is an exclusive agreement that is not being offered anywhere else, and is generous in both its scope and duration. If you belong to a church that is on SermonAudio and you are a member of Samaritan Ministries (or are considering joining), you'll need to talk to one of their specialists and ask for the "SERMONAUDIO DISCOUNT".

Learn more about it: