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Great Sermon!
Such a wonderful surmon and who am I that I should hear it thank you so much
Posted by Gary and Janey Hollback
    • b
      Surrendering to God
      Thank you for this sermon! Thank you for the song sung by your congregation. I've been searching for it for a very long time. I listened to this message about 4 years ago, but couldn't remember the pastor who gave it. Amen!
    • pastor_ben
      Great Sermon!
      Great Sermon Thom! Appreciate your ministry of the word.
    • k
      An Absolute World-Rocking Sermon
      After watching this sermon, my world was rocked. It is chocked full of real life applications and useful quotes that are still stuck in my mind.
    • d
      Excellent Sermon
      We have a lot to learn, and we should count on God to introduce our curriculum. I really enjoyed this teaching, from a young school teacher. We have got to buckle down and ask the Lord to help us be content in all things.
    • KathyUtz
      Beautiful Sermon
      Paul baptized me today at Central Grace. I can not wait to literally be in the presence of my Lord Jesus and hear him preach to us! What a Glorious day that will be. Love all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
    • m
      Listening from Omaha, NE
      Thank you brother, for preaching the Bible!! May God richly bless you; you’ve blessed my family with your teachings so much ❤️
    • A
      Praying for light from God
      With regard to Psalm 43:3, Dr. Morecraft explains that David is praying that the eyes of his heart would receive light from God. Just as physical light helps physical eyes see physical reality, so spiritual light lets spiritual eyes see spiritual reality. What is it he needs to see clearly about? Providence. He needs to see God's providence clearly, that it is a beautiful thing. It is a wise thing. It is a thrilling thing. David says, I'm in the dark, and I need deliverance, not from enemies, but from a more dangerous enemy than the people around me in this nation. I need deliverance from a darkness that causes the world to look much more attractive than it is. I'm letting my emotions get the best of me. I'm getting down in the dumps over what I see all around me. I need to be rescued, Lord, from these dark times that make surrender to the world and compromise with the world so attractive. Help me to walk in the light of the truth and to see your hand in everything that's taking place in my life.
    • Margie
      Great Sermon!
      Lord Jesus, show me the idols that are taking up space in my heart that your kingdom may spread throughout.
    • Shane
      Great Sermon!
      This 5 part mini series is excellent and God glorifying! Thank you pastor Brian.
    • AshMac
      Great Sermon!
      Although this is an Easter sermon, and Jerry discusses some of the proofs pointing to who Jesus is (such as the earthquake and resurrection of saints as a foretaste on the day of Jesus’ earthly death), he also visits the topic of limited atonement, which is sometimes difficult for people who don’t believe in reformed theology to understand. He quotes Romans 6:23 and explains that because the wages of sin is death, we all deserve death. Those who go to heaven receive grace. Those who go to hell receive justice. No one receives injustice. There are no victims. Jerry also discusses how God‘s people were saved before the coming of the Messiah because they looked forward to His coming and so, as with us, they were saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Scripture covered in this sermon includes:Matthew 27: 50–53, 1 Corinthians 15:54, 1 Timothy 2:5 and 6, Matthew 28:2, 1 Corinthians 15:55, Colossians 2:13–15, Romans 9:22–24, Daniel 4:35, Genesis 18:25, Revelations 7:9, Genesis 15 and 17, Romans 6:23, Hebrews 11, John 8:56, Romans 3:20, James 2:10, etc.
    • g
      Thank You
      This is a wonderful Godly sermon. I loved every moment of it. May the Lord Bless you.
    • D
      David Ebacher
      Thank you
      Thank you Lord such a sermon.
    • J
      James Cantrell
      Great Sermon
      Amen, Amen, and Amen.Thank you LORD for brother Reg. Helping those who oppose themselves who believe there's no hell, or don't believe it is everlasting. I had a conversation with a young man who thinks hell is real but it's just for a moment. I started giving him scripture where Jesus himself said it was everlasting in Matthew 25:46. I was accused of twisting the scriptures. When I asked him why he didn't provide scripture for what he believed; he said he couldn't think of any but Doug Bachelor knows. That's this world putting trust in men over the Word of God. Would you help me pray for this person?I love you brother, and all who are there with you.
    • A
      Wonderful indeed!
      Truly glorious! Such wonder, beauty and majesty in this vision. Yet what comfort for the believer.I do love Deuteronomy 29:29 it puts us in our right place.Some things of God are simply not our business. What God has revealed to us in his Word is more than sufficient for us.Thank you so much dear Pastor ❤️
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