Grace Baptist Church of Mohawk

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    • Steph
      Amen, AMen, and AMEN!
      Fantastic sermon using Scripture to interpret Scripture and history! What an exhortation this is for our day! Lord, help us to realize that is we who have the true riches; may we only bow down to You and give You glory!!!!
    • H Hudson
      Outstanding Sermon!
      This is one of most educational messages on the Holy Spirit that I ever heard. The importance of the Holy Spirit, The Word and Jesus Christ is profoundly brought out in ways that will bless you greatly. Unfortunately, the Holy Spirit is not preached in many churches, but from this message you will find how much the Holy Spirit wants to become more involved in your life, and when we let Him, our knowledge of Jesus Christ is greatly increased and we are more fully blessed. A truly wonderful, enlightening message.