Westside Baptist Church-Jenison

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We are a Grace-driven congregation who strive to Proclaim Christ, to Please Him, for His Glory. We seek to proclaim the Bible as absolute authority and as the divinely inspired, infallible Word of God. It is how we find life with God, and the light that guides the lives of believers in Jesus Christ. For us, Christianity is not about Bible versions, traditionalism, clothing styles, or people trying to obey Pastor. We see life in Christ as so treasuring God's Truth as to work to live it out, trusting the Holy Spirit's ability to change hearts, and expecting and encouraging each other to strive to please Christ, not anyone's personal standard of holiness.

Recent Sermons
Service Times

9:30 Gather for Worship
11:15 Exploring God's Truth
6:00 Evening Worship

7:00 Wednesday Night Bible Fellowship (Adult Bible Study & Prayer, Kids4Truth)

Physical Address
Westside Baptist Church 529 Baldwin Street Jenison MI 49428 (We meet at Navigator Truck Insurance bldg)