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David Cloud is founder and director of Way of Life Literature, a 45-year-old preaching and teaching ministry. In 1973, when he was 23 years old and living a “hippie” lifestyle, having hitchhiked across America, sold drugs, and joined a Hindu meditation society, Brother Cloud was saved by the marvelous grace of Jesus Christ. Right away he became an eager student of the holy Bible and felt the call to preach and teach God’s Word. Within six months. he had printed his first book on a biblical theme. Brother Cloud married his wife, Linda, in 1976, and God has given them four children and nine grandchildren. The Clouds have had a pioneer missionary church planting ministry in Asia since the late 1970s. Way of Life Literature has published roughly 200 books in fifteen languages, including the widely-used Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible & Christianity. Brother Cloud is also the founder of the monthly O Timothy magazine, which began in 1984. In a nutshell, David Cloud is a servant of Jesus Christ, and apart from Christ he is nothing. We join John the Baptist in saying of Christ, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30).

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