Unity Presbyterian Church (ARP)

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We are part of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, a conservative evangelical Christian denomination, that has been faithfully preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 225 years. Its roots are traced to the Reformation, particularly the work of John Calvin and John Knox. Scottish immigrants who came to America in search of religious freedom brought the faith to these shores.

The ARP Church of today began as a primarily rural denomination concentrated in the Southeast, but has followed the flow of people into urban centers, across the country, and into Canada. With just over 290 congregations, relationships are strong between individual churches as well as members. We stand firm on the tenets of Reformed theology as stated in our Confession of Faith, and our worship is Scriptural and God-centered. We sing the Psalms and great hymns of the faith.

Recent Sermons
Service Times
Sunday morning 11:00 Wednesday night 7:00
Physical Address
Unity Presbyterian Church 2215 Highway 86 Piedmont, SC 29673