Household of Faith in Christ

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The Household of Faith in Christ is not a big megachurch. What’s more, we don’t intend to be. Nor do we intend to be the traditional American church, meeting in traditional looking church buildings, offering what have become the traditional church programs.

The Household of Faith in Christ is a house church. This means we meet in a person’s home. We will always be a house church that meets in a person’s home. As our congregation outgrows the space inside the home, we will establish a second house church. When this second house church also outgrows the space within the second home, then a third house church will be established.

Eventually we hope to have been part of spawning dozens, or even hundreds of house churches who network together in prayer, service, and mutual accountability.

If you already lead a house church, or are looking to establish one, let’s connect and see how we can encourage one another and discover biblical ways of working together as we faithfully continue to walk in the truth. No matter where you’re located, it would be a true blessing to know one another and edify one another. Simply email [email protected] to get the dialogue started.

If you are within driving distance of Frederick, Maryland we would rejoicingly welcome you into our gathering of Christ followers. We invest time and energy into one another. Our primary aim is to disciple believers and develop leaders equipped to proclaim and defend the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are not a church where it’s easy to hide. We seek to be deeply relational, knowing that iron sharpens iron, and we rejoice in the growth we see in one another as we increasingly exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. The first step to pursuing this sort of community is to email Pastor Troy at [email protected].

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