Trinity Bible Church

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Trinity Bible Church was planted in Lynden, WA, in the spring of 2013. We gather for worship each Sunday at 10am at the former "Barn Youth Center" at 9273 Guide Merdian north of Lynden. We are smaller than many churches, perhaps 40 who attend regularly. Our worship is primarily hymns with a few newer choruses. And our preaching is always based directly on God's Word.

We have midweek Bible studies, with the men of the church meeting at the home of one of our families on Tuesdays mornings and the women meeting at the church on Tuesday evenings.

We are a non-denominational or community church in the sense that we do not belong to a larger organization of churches. We believe that God has invested authority in the local church and not in a larger governing body. We do have certain doctrinal distinctives, however. We are baptist in that we believe in believer's baptism by immersion. We are also reformed in many ways in that we hold to the biblical doctrines that were recovered during the Reformation. These include the doctrines of grace as well as a firm belief in salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. We hold to scripture as our sole authority in all matters of belief and practice. And we believe that glory should be given to God alone.

We hold much in common with churches like Grace Community Church (where John MacArthur preaches), Bethlehem Baptist Church (where John Piper preached), and Capitol Hill Baptist Church (where Mark Dever preaches).

If you're looking for a faithful church, where the word of God is preached and the people love the Lord Jesus Christ, we would love to have you visit us!

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10:00am Sunday

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Trinity Bible Church 9273 Guide Meridian Road Lynden, Washington 98264