Free Reformed Church of St Thomas

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Our church was instituted on October 10, 1952, by Dutch immigrants. We are a covenant community made up of people from various backgrounds, with different occupations, including young and old members. Though we are from various places, with different life circumstances, we recognize that we are a family in Christ. We worship God by praising Him, praying to Him, listening to Him through reading His Word, and serving Him as He requires in His Word. We hold to the Reformed confessions, which include the historic creeds and the Three Forms of Unity. In our worship services, we follow the Reformed liturgy. Our preaching includes both objective preaching of God’s Word and subjective or experiential preaching about the joys and struggles of the life of faith. We firmly believe the Scriptures are God’s revelation and the whole Bible is God’s infallible Word.

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9:30 AM 4:00 PM
Physical Address
Free Reformed Church of St Thomas 145 Saint George Street St. Thomas, ON N5P 2M3