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How can we know the difference between truth and error?
Many well-meaning sincere people are totality convinced that what they believe is the truth. They are not weird, eccentric people living in communes and selling flowers. They may be the people next door-nice neighbors with well-disciplined households; honest hard-working civic-minded folks who are an asset to the community. Why make such a big deal about truth and error when these people live within the law and are good citizens? The difference in beliefs becomes important when considering the standard we live by. What is our standard? And who is right?
The heart of Christianity is the person of Jesus Christ. The discussion does not revolve around the existence of Jesus Christ but rather who He is. The Bible makes it clear that He is both God and man and all those who deny that doctrine are considered liars and enemies of God. All religions do not lead to God even though there are many similarities. The differences outlined in the word of God are the ones that clearly divide truth from error.

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