Reformation Church

ID reformation Code# 18693
  • Reformed in doctrine AND worship
  • Covenantal
  • The inerrant, infallible Bible (Received Text) is our standard.
  • Subordinate standards are the Westminster Confession (original of 1647)and the rest of the Westminster Standards.
  • Exclusive a cappella Psalmody
  • Postmillenial
  • 24-hour 6 day creation
  • Establishmentarian
  • Obeying the Dominion Covenant: Applying God's Law to all of life and claiming the nations for the Lord Jesus Christ.
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Physical Address
The Lord has willed that this congregation has fulfilled its purpose in Bourne, TX and no longer meets. Praise be to Him Who wills all that comes to pass. You may find a church home at the Reformed Presbyterian Church of San Antonio. The website is Feel free to email Pastor Mencarow with questions and prayer requests. Use the email button below.