Providence Reformed Baptist Church

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We believe that the policies, practices, and worship of the church should be ordered by the Word of God.
The Word clearly says that the local church is "the house of God, the
church of the living God" (1 Tim. 3:15). As such the will of God revealed in the Word of God
must regulate church life. Lord Pragmatism' (what-will-work') and Lord Tradition' (the-way-we've-always-done-it') rule in many churches, not the Lord Jesus. Our modern
generation of church-goers needs to be told that when these two `Lords' rule the church
the result is condemned as "will-worship" (Col. 2:23) by God's holy Word!

Recent Sermons
Service Times

Morning Worship ... 10:30 AM
Lunch ... 12:00 PM
Afternoon Worship ... 1:00 PM

Prayer and Bible Study ... 7:30 PM

Physical Address
Providence Reformed Baptist Church 12550 Promise Creek Lane Suite 112 Fishers, IN 46038