Let The Bible Speak

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Let The Bible Speak was formed in Febuary 1973 by the Rev Alan Cairns and commenced broadcasting in April of the same year. It began in a very small way, broadcasting over just one radio station with two tape recorders.

However, under God, and with the hard work of the Director - Rev Leslie Curran and many other helpers, the work has now grown steadily and is now a firmly established ministry. At the present, LTBS broadcasts programmes with a potential weekly audience of many millions,and are heard on many stations Worldwide.

Let The Bible Speak is the radio ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church. It is financed entirely by the free-will offerings and gifts of the Lord's people and never solicits money, in any way, on the air.

We are sincerely grateful to all those who faithfully support this ministry, year by year, with their gifts and prayers.

Recent Sermons
Service Times
AFRICA Radio Africa | 7190khz Friday 8.30pm Radio Africa 2 | 15190khz Wednesday 8.00am Radio East Africa | 15190khz Saturday 2.30pm CANADA Altona, Man | CFAM 950AM Sunday 9.00pm Calgary, Alb | CHRB 1140AM Sunday 10.00am Okanagan, BC | CIGV 100.7FM Sunday 8.00pm Fredericton, NB | CJRI 95.7FM Sunday 8.30am Nipawin, Sask | CIOT 104.1FM Mon-Fri 6.00pm Swift Curr, Sask | CKSW 570AM Sunday 9.30am Vanderhoof, BC | CIVH 1340AM Sunday 10.00am Vancouver, BC | KARI 550am Sunday 10.00am Mon-Fri 5.00pm CARIBBEAN Grenada, West Indies Harbour Light 94.5FM & Web Mon-Fri 3.30am (AST) Harbour Light 1440AM, 94.5FM Mon-Fri 10.30am (AST) ENGLAND London, Sky Digital Channel 873 Premier 1305, 1332, 1413AM Tue-Sat 1.00am FAR EAST Radio Sri Lanka | 9720kHz Monday 9.00am Philippines | DWAD 1098AM Sunday 7.30pm IRELAND Castlebar, Co. Mayo Community Radio 102.9FM Sunday 5.30pm Tuesday 7.30pm Donegal Radio North Country 846AM Mon-Fri 9.30pm Sunday 8.15pm Limerick Radio Limerick 107.7FM Fri 7am & 7pm Louth Wild Country Radio 104.2FM Sunday 9.45am 106.6FM Sunday 8.15am Last Wed 9.45pm Kiss FM 101.5FM & 107.5FM Sunday 10.45am Monaghan Radio Star Country 981AM Mon 10am & 3pm Monday 3.00pm NORTHERN IRELAND Ballymena | Seven FM 107FM Sunday 9.45pm N. AMERICA & EUROPE Worldwide Christian 15685kHz Sunday 6.30pm (GMT) VCY America. For a complete listing of broadcast times refer to program schedules at www.vcyamerica.org. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Derry, NH | WDER 1320AM Saturday 11.30am Philadelphia, PA | WFIL 560FM Sunday 1.00pm Lima, OH | WCBV 105.9FM Mon-Fri 1.00pm Greenville, SC | WMUU 94.5FM Mon-Fri 6.00am Baltimore, MD | WRBS 1230AM Sunday 8.30am New York City | WMCA 570AM Friday 1.30pm
Physical Address
Let The Bible Speak 11 Westland Avenue Ballymoney, Co. Antrim Northern Ireland BT53 6PE