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    • AH
      Great Sermon!
      This message changed my life, and I emailed pastor Samson to thank him for it. I was deeply grieved over losing my brother (a non-believer), but this sermon gave me hope for the very first time. It completely changed my life, and helped me move through my stuck grief. I first heard it about 6 months ago, and it has stayed with me, and I've shared these scriptures with others who also had trouble moving on. The message of predestination is a message of hope. Thank you dearly.
    • Landon Stahly
      Extremely Insightful
      This sermon was a vital resource for writing my paper on reformed liturgy.
    • Reva Meiners
      Great sermon!
      Such rich use of God’s Word to illustrate exactly how we must submit in all aspects of our lives to the powerful transforming work of the Word.
    • Edtor,
      This is by far the best sermon I have ever heard on these verses. Listening to this sermon will give you a greater love for our wondrous Savior-Shepherd!
    • Reva Meiners
      Amazing Sermon!
      Incredible, clear and convicting exposition. Thanks be to God for His marvelous salvation!
    • D.Goodson
      What a Great Sermon!!
      What a Great Sermon!! THANKS be to GOD for giving us men to BOLDLY and FAITHFULLY declare HIS TRUTH!! To GOD be ALL THE GLORY for being THE BEGINNER AND FINISHER of our faith!!! Our faith is the Evidence of our new birth, its NOT the cause of it! Thank you to Pastor Samson for feeding The Bread of Life to the sheep of Christ! AMAZING GRACE, how sweet the sound that saved a WRETCH like ME!!
    • Cheri Lyberg
      Great Sermon!
      Praise God for Biblical preaching! This sermon is amazing! It matters that we know how we were saved!