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Thoughts Regarding God’s Elect:
There is nothing in the depraved nature that makes man acceptable to God. No matter what man tries to do to earn salvation, God says no, that is not to me.

God has foreordained the only acceptable solution for our redemption, yes the salvation of his people is the ransomed paid by the perfect sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ on the cross.

What a costly sacrifice it was for God the Father to witness His Son laying down His life freely for the redemption of His people.

No tongue or written pen can describe this magnificent accomplishment that Christ completed at the cross for those who were given to Him by the Father.

Love can best described here by Christ’s actions for depraved, lost sinners. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Why? Because it pleased Him to do so. He loved us and gave Himself for us that we would be assured of eternal life forever with Him and His Father.

We were each one of us at one time haters of God and His Son; but something happened to us. The Spirit of God showed us our utter sinnership and need of a Savior. The Holy Spirit drew us to the waters of Salvation and we drank and found Eternal Life.

Now, how can we better describe the joy and happiness that floods our souls when we are made to believe that Jesus Christ died for us personally and that He secured Eternal Life for us. There is nothing that will ever give us more joy and comfort in this life; but to know that we are recipients of eternal life.

Larry Phillips

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