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Everyone His Love Ministries reaches out to is locked up in some way. Some are locked up in bodies that don't work or the Nursing Home facility or in the wheelchair or bed they cannot get out of. We minister to youth who are locked up because of behavior problems or their parents and their cry is we want to have a “REAL FAMILY”. Other kids are locked up because of crimes. We reach those locked up correctional facilities; in addictions to drugs, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Jesus came to give us life and set us free and these folks are not free that we minister to, but we can set them free through Christ Jesus.
We care deeply about the outcasts and shut-ins. We understand much pain and loneliness comes with society’s neglect or stigmatization. It is our desire to bring a message of hope to those that the society has ignored—those the world has forgotten. We want to love these people as Jesus loves them, and that means giving them the message that he himself preached: there is forgiveness of sins for those who repent.
We started this ministry to serve the forgotten in our community, we consider ourselves an extension of mainline churches, even though we don’t have church buildings for ourselves. Our office is our homes, and we don’t buy many supplies. We provide services—that is our goal.”
The goal of HLM is to spread the gospel to those who really need to hear it and equip those who know Christ as Lord and Savior to minister to others. We reach out to those the World has forgotten.

Recent Sermons
Service Times
We minister to the forgotten in the facilities they are in but usually upload our messages around noon on Sundays and Wednesdays.
Physical Address
His Love Ministries PO Box 1881 Lexington SC 29070-1881