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Semper Reformanda — Always Reforming
Always Reforming our Worship to the Word of God
Always Reforming our Evangelism to the Word of God
Always Reforming our Lives to the Word of God
We are a newly planted church in Rock Hill, SC. Our church seeks the glory of God in all things, specifically in our worship, evangelism, and our daily Christian walk. We believe the Word of God, not the inventions of man, is our ultimate standard and authority for all things.
We consider ourselves reformed and Baptist. Reformed, in the sense that we believe in the absolute sovereignty of God, and that salvation comes by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, according to Scripture alone. We are Baptist in the sense that we hold to believer’s baptism by immersion, as well as holding to historic Baptist doctrines. We are not affiliated with any Baptist denominations. For more information visit our website (
We believe Christians must always be reforming to Scripture (Semper Reformanda) because our hearts, by nature, go astray. Our response to every question pertaining to life and godliness is, “What does Scripture say?”

  • How should we worship God? What does Scripture say?
  • How should we order the church? What does Scripture say?
  • How should we order our family? What does Scripture say?
  • How should we evangelize? What does Scripture say?
    We invite you to journey with us as we answer these questions according to the infallible and authoritative Word of God.
    We are currently under the covering and support of Covenant Baptist Church in West Columbia, SC. Please visit their website ( for information about them. We are committed to establishing a plurality of biblically qualified elders according to 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Pastor Charles Swann of Covenant Baptist Church is currently our presiding elder as he trains and appoints more elders/pastors for Grace Covenant Church of Rock Hill.
    Our worship service includes traditional and newer hymns, Scripture reading and prayer, expository preaching, and the Lord’s Supper (twice monthly).
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4:00 PM
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Grace Covenant Church 201 E. White Street Rock Hill, SC 29730