God’s Way Bible Church

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While serving as a Southern Baptist pastor for many years, I became very disheartened after seeing how the traditions and the will of man was hindering the Holy Spirit and the will of God in the church. I longed to be in a fellowship of believers that wanted to do God’s work, God’s way. In 2006 God’s Way Ministries began. We began with outreach ministry in the community working with existing church fellowships of all denominations. By 2010, the Lord had brought enough of us together to form our own church fellowship and God’s Way Outreach Center was born. Since the beginning, as it still is today, our aim is to do God’s work God’s way. We believe that everything that God would have us know concerning His work and His will is in the Holy Bible alone. So much so that we recently changed our church fellowship name to God’s Way Bible Church. The Bible is our constitution and bylaws. We want to do the will of God the Father, by surrendering in obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, under the influence, power, and control of the Holy Spirit. Doing God’s work God’s way.

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11 AM Sunday Worship
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God’s Way Bible Church 168 Fowlertown Road Toccoa, Georgia 30577