Grace Baptist Church

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    • Benjamin Campbell
      Excellent Sermon!
      This sermon was excellent! I wish every Christian would listen to it. Even though it was preached years ago it is timeless. It applies even now during the COVID-19 menace. I especially love his definition of what true joy is.
    • Benjamin Campbell
      A most excellent sermon on true Christian marriage
      I have listened to this two times now and it is always fresh and straight to the point. This is a timeless message, thoroughly immersed in scripture. I don’t believe I have ever heard teaching on marriage like this except from Elisabeth Elliott. This is something every Christian husband and wife should listen to together.
    • Kristen Hines
      You hit the nail on the head of my heart
      Fantastic sermon, now to consider exactly how to live today for Christ just as Paul did and then DO it. Thank you.
    • Michele Shumaker
      Thank you!
      This message was an encouragement to me as I am teaching a ladies group tonight about Anna. It has helped me to start my day focused on Gods amazing grace to Asher, Anna, and to me as I look to Christ, the Redeemer!
    • Tory Hooks
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you brother Robert Marshall. It's 12:56am and this sermon had me up digging in the scriptures.
    • Lorhetta Lawrence
      Great Sermon!
      Beautiful sermon. I listen over and over. I wish I was bold enough to share it with my husband. Thank you, Brother Washer
    • yolanda khamo
      Great Sermon!
      I thank God for this sermon. To God be the glory! May the Lord continue to bless Brother Paul Washer and his family... Thank you...
    • Jon Cardwell
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for the blessed message, Brother Darrell. It was great to see you again. May the Lord continue to bless you in your service to Christ and your witness for Him.
    • Jon Cardwell
      Awesome and Needed Message!
      That was an excellent and convicting message for many of us, Brother Don; things I could have done, and could still do better, by God's grace. It was also a tremendous blessing and privilege to meet you. May the Lord continue to bless you in your service to Christ and your witness for Him!
    • Frank Rollberg
      Great Sermon!
      That message Blessed me Brother Don.
    • Jon Cardwell
      Excellent as Always!
      It is always a tremendous blessing to hear the Word from Brother Paul. All three messages yesterday were powerful. Don Currin's message prior to Brother Paul's came as a real one-two punch for all of us in attendance. I just happened to notice the time of the message as it was posted. The anointing of the speakers made every message seem like only a few minutes (I suspect for those submissive to those truths-- & probably seem like an eternity to those resistant to them). Thanks to Brother Dean Olive's audio team for posting these so quickly. I am so blessed to be a part of this Pastor's Fellowship.