Granite Belt Baptist Church

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    • sunshine
      Great Sermon!
      A very timely message for churches and people around the world. Thank you Pastor for pointing out that this message (scripture) was written to and for the church and not for the unsaved.
    • John Koehn
      Profitable Reminder
      Thank you for this helpful message and reminder. The way you put this, something like this: "We did not come from heaven but from the dust of the earth" was profitable to hear.
    • Sunshine
      Great Sermon!
      This was a great sermon. I will keep focusing on what is to come. I will also keep away from those wolves.
    • armadillo
      So helpful to all believers. Everything that is described is happening today. Everywhere we go there are satan's darts coming at us. Thank you, Pastor.
    • Pass It On
      The World Needs This
      This message is packed with so much wisdom that the world needs to hear right now in 2022. The Holy Spirit obviously inspired this Pastor to give this message. Please listen and Pass It On!
    • HappyCamper
      I Loved This Sermon
      Please listen. Please listen. Please listen.
    • Forward
      Thank You Pastor for this Truth
      All Christians need to listen to this truth. Humans have always worshipped something. Today there are "acceptable" idols that are just as wrong as any other idols. Images of Jesus Christ and God the Father are lies and satan is the father of all lies. All idol worship comes from satan. With autumn and winter coming, churches need to think about this sermon and what it teaches. Amen.
    • HappyCamper
      Absolutely Fabulous!
      This was terrific and filled with great truth. People need this information at this time. "God makes war against the arrogant but gives grace to the humble."!
    • Jay Greenfield
      Plain and Simple Message
      This sermon really helped me understand repentance and salvation. I’ve been at odds over this for years.
    • james Barratt
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you so much for this edifying sermon. Yes, let us praise God in all seasons. We pray for revival and may this season's uncertainty cause many to seek out the sovereign God of the universe, repent and put their faith in Him. Yes, let us all deal with the plagues in our own souls.
    • BWS
      Great Sermon!
      The habit of using images under the plea of tradition ought to be examined with the light of scripture, the only rule of faith and practice. The traditions of men are the corruption of the real Christian faith and become superstitious habits that become popular and taught to children who then pass them to the next generation. Nativity scenes, pictures and movies represent a false Jesus of an artist's imagination contrary to the 2nd commandment. Nor is worshipping Christ with a decorated tree permitted, which is a heathen custom. The 2nd commandment overrules pretended liberty of conscience in worship.
    • Josef
      Great Sermon!
      I realized this a few years ago. I threw out Jesus movies, kids bibles etc. I agree with everything he says. Good sermon