Emmanuel Bible Church of Star Valley

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    • Linda Freeland
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you Pastor Tim for your messages. You explain things so I can understand the truth and the correct interpretation. My understanding of why the demons believe and shutter yet are not saved was wrong. You said it was because Jesus didn’t die for them. That was such an eye opener for me. I didn’t understand why the Bible says believe yet they believe and are not saved. I think I’ve been thinking there is more we must do then. Then, if I think that, is there something more that I must do. No. Jesus did it all! Thank you. I’ve been praying God would help me understand the gospel and He is answering my prayer. I have shared but not fully grasped it myself. Also, I prayed for your health this morning.
    • SPQR3
      Solid teaching
      Brother Peter's does a yeoman job in analyzing and refuting WoF heresy. More importantly, though, he also shows thru the pages of Scripture how God actually works in different ways through malady. Thank you for a strong presentation that stretches us to think and minister biblically.
    • dsample
      Great Sermon!
    • Tammy Burks
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for sharing Gods truth! Praying for you!
    • George Karmas
      Keep up the good hard work !!!