Apologetics - Church History
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An Overview of Church History:
The first era ends with the death of the Apostles.
We started out with what we would call the Catholic Church. We are not talking about Pope’s or Rome, but the Church that Jesus Christ started. I am talking about the Church built on the Apostles and the Prophets. You would know this as the Apostles then those post-Apostolic men, Timothy all the way through to St. Augustine.
After that, about 13 centuries we have the Reformation— That was the time of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and in England John Knox.
After the Reformation, a few hundred years went by and we had what we might call the era of evangelicalism or world missions. This era, the fourth era of the Church the Evangelical / World Missions you would know as the time of Wesley, Moody, Billy Graham.
Then we have a new phenomenon today, which really is rapidly growing all over the world, the Charismatic era with the emphasis on gifts.
That is all of Church history. I will draw in a few more lines but that is everything. I am ta

17 Sermons