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    • C
      24 years old and is more true than it was when it was preached!
    • A
      A must hear!
      Listening in 2023 this sermon really is a must for all Christians to not only hear, but heed
    • Benjamin Formerly Mephibosheth
      That’s My King!
    • Marc Knoedler
      Great Sermon!
      Thanks for this great message. One comment: note that not all Michigan churches are failing to teach their children Bible truth. The more biblically-based churches tend to use Camp CoBeAc (Houghton Lake, MI) rather than the one that you referenced in the message. However, I am glad that you were able to minister truth to kids at this other camp.
    • Carol
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you ever so much for your dedication to teach the Word so proficiently.
    • Janice
      A Tremendous Source of Reassurance & Comfort
      “How long O Lord?” were the words penned (probably verbalized too) by David in Psalm 13. Fortunately, Scripture is timeless and Psalm 13 is a personal heart-felt journal that Christians can find themselves relating to, or tempted to speak/think while going through their own painful never-ending trials. If you find yourself in your own isolated cave and need encouragement, pull up a chair and let the Spirit of God minister through Dr. Barnett. This isn’t a sermon but was a presentation that Dr. Barnett gave to foreign students. Because he gave this to foreign students he had to communicate in simple terms which turned out to be an added blessing because bruised, wounded and hurting Christians typically don’t have the energy to focus hard at understanding what’s being said since they’re already preoccupied, trying to work through their own trial. This is a very insightful talk on Psalm 13 that sheds light on ways that Christians respond to trials. Dr. Barnett also provides added insight into the elderly and people suffering from illness--although the message can be applied to anyone suffering. Truly, this is a message definitely worth hearing.
    • Herb Hofer
      Great Sermon! Love you. Thanks
      Thanks for sharing what God has given to you. Most people hide God’s blessings under the ground so people can’t know God’s blessings. Keep going. Thanks
    • Cheryl Gorrian
      Great Sermon!
      I know this is an old sermon, but in spite of all of the extremely true things stated in this wonderful sermon, the one that stood out the most, is the one the Pastor just mentioned in passing. When he only has about 10 minutes to go, he says something like, People say the closer I get to the end, the faster I talk. In my mind, NOTHING is more indicative of our culture than this point. Why does he need to talk so fast when he gets near the end? Simply because he is not done sharing God's word but the people are done hearing it. Such a thing would be unheard of in a church in China where they would happily listen to God's word for as many hours as they can find a man of God to teach it.Why is it the case here? Unfortunately, because it has been allowed to become a precedent in our society that church only lasts x amount of time. After that people are squirming and looking at their watches. The boldest might even take it upon themselves to chastise the Pastor for running into overtime, which says more about them than the Pastor. The sad thing is that the sheep are willing to keep listening while the goats have put in their time and want out. So preach the word preacher, until the Holy Spirit says your done. If people walk out, well, they left us because they were not of us.
    • Jennifer Mason
      Great Sermon!
      Absolutely captivating study on the demonic intrusion of Genesis 6.I wish there was a transcript for my own personal study.
    • Wayne
      Great Sermon!
      Thanks for posting this sermon. It was of great help and comfort to me as I am struggling difficulties of my life. It has also helped me to see Paul as a real person who was at times overcome with his difficulties. To me that makes his words of comfort more meaningful.
    • Randolph Harris
      Great Sermon!
      This is the best sermon preached on this uncomfortable topic, Hell. Can I get this message on a CD or DVD? In Matthew 24:37, "But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." (NKJV). So why are we not hearing more about this uncomfortable topic of Hell? May God bless.
    • Julie Shepperly
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you John for illuminating Gods word so clearly. I pray that I grow in Christ and walk worthy of Him just as Anna and Simeon did. Thank you
    • Nswice
      Very intriguing
      He was able to essentially put every form of christianity on one side of the scales and identify all their particular problems, but then looking at his particular denomination they are completely biblical but the things that arent are good things theres no problem with them. Its very difficult to believe this is a fair and balanced survey of the roman church when everyone but him and his have dangerous beliefs.
    • Anonymous Name
      Pokémon: Occultic Since Its Inception
      Pokémon, a game created by famous artist Satoshi Tajiri (28 August, 1965), has been occultic since its very inception in 27 February, 1996 when Pokémon Red and Green versions were first introduced. We would be wise to heed the warnings about the occult in Deuteronomy 18:10-12.
    • Mary R.
      Great Sermon!
      a truly incredible sermon. We learned so much, as we always do, listening to Dr. Barnett. After I listened I printed out the PDF and reread it. Amazing God, amazing Word.