Calvary Baptist Church

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Unashamedly Baptist:
Unwavering in our belief that baptism is by immersion in water after a credible testimony of salvation.
Thankful for our rich Baptist heritage which includes Baptist pastors and missionaries such as Charles Spurgeon, William Carey, Adoniram Judson.
Functioning independently without denominational ties to churches, colleges, or fellowships.

Biblically Focused:
Focusing on coming together to receive the truth of scripture - not to rally about news events, social injustices, politics, standards, personal or ecclesiastical preferences.
Reading the Scriptures and centering the services on biblical, expository preaching.

Fervently Evangelistic:
Seeking to hold a balance between God’s sovereignty in salvation while not undermining man’s responsibility.
Recognizing salvation is of the Lord’s grace, not based on man-made decision, walking an aisle, or praying a prayer.
Reaching out to our community through regular gospel witness and to the world through missionary support.

Worshipfully Reverent:
Striving to serve God in reverence and godly fear in our music, preaching, and fellowship.
Rejecting the pragmatic, casual, flippant, man-centered ‘worship’ common in churches.
Singing traditional hymns as we worship God in song.

Family Friendly:
Welcoming families to worship God together without age-segregation during services.

Recent Sermons
Service Times
Sunday School 9:45 AM Morning Service 11:00 AM Evening Service 6:00 PM Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer Meeting 7:00 PM
Physical Address
Calvary Baptist Church 57175 Crestview Drive Yucca Valley, CA 92284