Calvin Orthodox Presbyterian Church

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    • D Reyburn
      Excellent focus on Christ and His church
      This makes clear the beautiful pattern of Christ standing between the living and the dead, as God deals with the 3 rebellions in Numbers 16& 17. Very helpful for old and new students of God’s Word.
    • Lynn & Linda Thompson
      Great Sermon!
      Pure concise preaching.No frills, no jokes just truth preached in love.
    • Chris Sharp
      Great Sermon!
      Thanks Mike,I apreciate your emphasis on entering into His rest, and also on Jesus's obedience now being our obedience. There is a lot of emphasis in the church (in general) on living in ways that please and/or anger Him, and on trying harder. Your emphasis is on resting in Him. That is a breath of fresh air, and a cool drink to the weary. Keep it up!
    • Sharon Weinstein
      Great Sermon!
      I am blessed and happy to be a fellow worker for God and His Son! The fellowship of Him through suffering and glory! Thank you for being here, Michael. Your sermons always give me hope and strength!
    • Earleene Childers
      Great Sermon!
      Keep preaching as long as God gives you life. One reason people in the church do not know who Jesus is? They have never come to believe who He is. Armstrong dates us as to our age, you know. I hear you are coming to Akron soon. Earleene
    • G. T. G.
      Great Sermon!
      Thanks for this. I listened to a heartwarming sermon that was truly inspiring. The encouragement of knowing we run for a prize that is incorruptible...let us cheer each other on! I love that. Thanks
    • tom harvey
      Great Sermon!
      excellent sermon... i am downloading the rest of the series!
    • Donald A.
      Great Sermon!
      I just listened to a sermon that had my heart "strangely warmed." I never considered before how seeking the Kingdom was joined to my devotion to the church. Moreover, the thought that Jesus is the true Kingdom Seeker, and so we are driven to seek Him and finding Him have the life and the righteousness of the Kingdom, is a wonderful presentation of the Gospel. Thanks so the insight.
    • G. E. Hermann
      Great Sermon!
      This sermon gave some really good information on the meaning of baptism that I never heard before. I especially liked how it showed that baptism is not only a sign of God's grace in cleansing sin, but a sign of God's judgment if baptism is not joined by faith.
    • M. Dixon
      Great Sermon!
      This sermon offered great insight into the subject of baptism. I never heard or thought of some of this. I have shared it with several people, all of which have been blessed.
    • Dave M.
      Great Sermon!
      This sermon helps put the story of David and Goliath into a good redemptive historical perspective! I was much blessed by it and the Gospel message it presented.
    • Carl
      Great Sermon!
      There's a lot of sermons on forgiveness. It is an important topic. This was helpful in it's Christ-centredness.