Brethren Reformed Church

ID brc Code# 61261

We're a small church who worships in a building just north of Brookville, OH.

We're a gathering of families and individuals who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that our sins have been forgiven for his Name's sake, and that our lives are at his disposal. We're seeking to find out what it means when the Master said, if you lose your life for my sake, you shall find it.

We've been organized since 2008 when several families from backgrounds of Grace Brethren and Southern Baptists came together for a more simple focus on the word of God and the building up of the local church. We've been tried in the fires of our own failures, but by God's grace are still being built together as an outpost of his kingdom reign of grace and truth.

We're not much. Normal people with jobs and struggles, joys and failures, ups and downs. And yet, by the grace of the Triune God, we are sons and daughter of the king, and heirs of a new heaven and earth that's coming.

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(712) 432-3410
Service Times

10 AM Sunday Morning services

Physical Address
Brethren Reformed Church 9094 West National Road Brookville, Ohio 45309