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    • VonDo
      Conference Speaker
      Prophetic word.Stunning!
    • Yolanda
      Planned Parenthood; America's Baby Land
      Feeling sorry for the mass murders of children in the Middle East? Think twice about PP.This is a riveting message. It will change the way we do politics. It will scrutinize the Christian involvement in the world.
    • Ben Stratton
      Great Sermon!
      Nettles needs to read the Th.D. thesis "A Study of the Antecedents of Landmarkism," by Leroy b. Hogue. It can be found here: here: was not the first to teach or hold to Landmarkism. Hogue shows there were many Baptist pastors, churches, and association who held to these beliefs long before the Cotton Grove Resolutions. Many other historical examples that Hogue does not include can also be given to prove this fact.
    • Janine Elizabeth
      Great Sermon!
      The truly amazing thing is God's long-suffering and mercy with and to these false teachers, ravenous wolves. Oh what a God He Is! .
    • s c
      ..still one of my favorite sermons on the whole site..which speaks volumes. Thank you bro. Peters! You have blessed many in your faithfulness in your discernment. Thank you again...Do more!..though you have been quite comprehensive..maybe there is not a whole lot that could be expounded upon. God bless you and yours!
    • Michelle A. Cornelius Kennedy
      So glad to hear your voice~
      I really enjoyed hearing a sermon from you Bro. Hight. God does speak! He has spoken to me so many times. Thank you for preaching God's word. I love you my brother in Christ.
    • Lia Leigh
      Great Sermon!
      Dear Pastor, Thank you for your wonderful sermon. I am a missionary in Nigeria. Over here, the evil spirit of religion, 'the angel of light= Nahash' is the no one enemy to true revival. Many years of prophetic warfare and now we see the first drops of breakthru. You have encouraged me today, God bless you, your family and church, In Christ alone, Lia Leigh.
    • john paul reneau
      Great Sermon!
      i really enjoyed listening to mr. newburn. im a young man and it is very interesting to hear a testimony of a man like mr. newburn.very heartfelt.i praise god for men like him.thank you jesus
    • Wylie Fulton
      An unusual message by a Baptist preacher who was evidently a good student of the Scriptures — and who enjoyed proclaiming the Word! Here this Bible college talk and you are sure to be blessed.
    • Norman Smith
      Great Sermon!4th on my new odyssey
      Thankyou brother Smith for this sermon.I am on a new odyssey of listening to a sermon from each book of the Bible,preached by a minister whom i have not heard before. May the Lord have mercy upon us all.
    • Paul H Moffett
      Great Sermon!
      This is one of the greatest testimonies I have ever heard. The stories about flying in combat action in World War II is compelling. The Lord is honored in this testimony. I am thankful to have heard it.
    • Byron Smith
      Audio is much better!
      I forgot to add that the audio for this sermon is greatly improved. Whatever you did, thank you. Of course, there may be something I am doing or not doing on my end that could also help matters when listening, but this sermon did not suffer from the same "loudness" that the first had. Kudos to BMATS and all involved for the new service.
    • Byron Smith
      A short, very helpful sermon
      Malcolm Bernstine's sermon is on human responsibility to God. Who will we blame for our sin? Of particular interest to me is the point he makes about the Fall in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3:9, where God asks Adam, "Where Art Thou?" Why would an infinite, omnipotent, all-wise God need to ask this question? Because God is both infinite and personal, and the question is not to reveal Adam's physical location, but for Adam to realize his spiritual location, i.e., apart from God because of sin. In the day of judgment, what will be our excuse? Paraphrasing Malcolm Bernstine, let us only plead Christ in that day.
    • Byron Smith
      Great Sermon!
      Powerful sermon from a man that obviously has a deep love for God and for the people and mission he serves. The statistics given are eye-opening, to say the least, and spiritually convicting to me. One thing, though, the audio seems to suffer a little from "loudness" (volume is great, but there is too much bass? I am not sure, but setting my audio program to minimize the bass helped a lot).