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    • Elder Leonard Carpenter III
      Awesome Lesson!
      Thank you, Sir. Solid hermeneutics and sound logic. This is the best explanation/teaching on the second coming of Jesus I have ever heard, no exaggeration. To God be the glory!
    • Henry Knox
      Great Sermon!
      This has been an informative and interesting podcast. I have enjoyed the many different viewpoints. I’m 76 and attend church Sunday mornings and Wednesday night. We have no church on Sunday night. All churches are experiencing this same problem to some extent. Looking foreword to next podcast. Thank you for bringing this topic up for discussion.
    • Rich Luciano
      So good! Had to play it twice.
    • Lottie
      Very, Very Good Teaching
      Thank you for the way you equip the saints. I'm glad that you are one Baptist pastor that will tackle the difficult things & help folks not be blindsided by the progressives & others who don't have a love or respect for God's Word.
    • Weary pilgrim
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for this great sermon!Praise God for the Truth of His unchanging Word and for bold men of faith willing to preach and teach it!
    • Ray Schlichting
      Great Sermon!
      I am amazed at your ability to bring the Old Testament into the present!
    • Ray Schlichting
      Great Sermon!
      This sermon destroys forever the chronological understanding of Revaluation! (At least for me)
    • Ray Schlichting
      Great Sermon!
      Hi pastor,I am the father of Amity Norton and the grandfather of Jimmie Norton. I’m sure you remember them. I’ve gotten as far as the 144,000 sermon and find it very informative. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Thank you.
    • Carl in Asheville
      Great Sermon!
      The only way that the Church should effect Social Justice (including Racial Injustice) in the world is to proclaim true Social Justice (the Gospel) to the world (Luke 4:18) and model it from within (John 13:35). Again, we must model and not participate nor partnership with the world (1 Corinthians 5:7 - 6:11). We (and only we) are the salt and light of the world. If we model it correctly then the world will taste (through our salt) and see (with our light) the LORD is indeed is good and His ways are right. And maybe they will see that the only way to achieve the justice and righteous they crave is to become a member of the Body through faith in Christ Jesus. They should know that the world is batting zero when it comes to Social Justice. Zero! The world offers no real solutions except for enslavement by totalitarian regimes like communist socialist which is a corruption of the Body's koinonia. Koinonia only works in the Body. Must we in the Body recognize people according to the flesh when we are told not to?
    • OBrien
      Great Sermon!
      I just listened to your discussion on “Biden the beginning of the apocalypse”. Absolutely agree. Jesus will not come back I a political party! He is King and there is no other, Amen.One thing I do disagree with though is when you made the statement of the pale rider of the end time stating, tha we just don’t see that amount of death at this time, “we” must look at the continual genocide that abortion has brought (not to add in the abortifacients) that clearly legalized extraordinary numbers of death. Remember, each “horseman” is a judgement, and I don’t picture God wearing a wrist watch. . . Other than that, we’ll done!
    • Timothy
      Great Sermon!
      Wonderful connections with the music stands. I think the entire book of Hebrews may be summed up with: “Don’t go back”!
    • Eileen
      Great Sermon!
      Very Helpful !
    • Amy Bowling
      Future Church
      At what point do we turn to house churches instead of trying to continue the large (or mega) assembly format?
    • Samantha M
      Worth mentioning on title alone....Saints lets continue to pray and worship together.
    • genesis
      good discussion
      all this coronavirus mess started from one man. everybody is potentially a virus carrier. skipping church may not be out of fear of getting ourselves infected only, it could also be out of love, to minimize the risk of spreading the virus to brothers and sisters in church.doctors are not dumb, they are in full protection gears when dealing with coronavirus patients for reasons. they don't do that with flu patients. my real fear is that people learn the wrong lessons from this disaster.looking forward to hearing your take on what message God is telling us from all this.thank you.