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    • Samantha
      Great Sermon!
    • Jennifer Mason
      Great Sermon!
      Dear Minister Guffey,For the past three or four months our little congregation has been studying the global Flood according to scripture and it is one of the exciting studies in the Bible next to study of eschatology, there are I’ve learned that there are great similarities between the two great events. The grace Of God spills all over like a flood in this text.I just hate, myself and countless others have been bamboozled into a false understanding concerning this great doctrine of God.Minister Guffey it was not until two years ago God gave me understanding into the doctrine of God’s wrath and how it is not to be taken lightly.I loved your teaching on such an exciting event, I just wished you had videos of your lessons, so I could’ve seen and followed maps and other visuals you may have had. Thank you sir for your ministry.
    • Lana
      Great Sermon!
      Can't see pdf for the Easter word reference, what verse